Chiral Catalysts and Therapeutics     

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D-Amino Acids

We manufacture an ever-expanding repertoire of enantiopure D-amino acids for use in academic and industrial purposes. Be for catalysis or biotechnology, we offer high quality and enantiomerically pure D-amino acids.

Chiral Diamines

Using our diamine technology developed in the laboratory, we can access a wide-ranging array of chiral, vicinal diamines. We offer a variety of diamines for transition metal catalysis and organocatalysis. Contact us for specialized synthesis of custom diamines.

Chiral Guanidines

A privileged scaffold in organocatalysis. We offer a range of highly hydrophobic chiral guanidines that have a variety of applications in non-aqueous media.

Unnatural amino acids

Unnatural Amino Acids

Unnatural amino acids are useful chiral building blocks for many pharmaceuticals and natural products. We provide custom syntheses for unnatural amino acids for your research needs. 

About Aminoasis 

Aminoasis provides chiral diamines, unnatural amino acids, and chiral guanidines for use in asymmetric synthesis and biotechnology. Our aim is to provide high quality and inexpensive reagents for your academic or industrial needs.