Chiral Catalysts and Therapeutics     

About Aminoasis

Aminoasis develops and manufactures chiral diamines and unnatural amino acids for catalysis and biotechnology. Using technology we developed in the laboratory, we deliver high quality and enantiomerically pure reagents for your research and industrial needs.


Originally founded as Diaminopharm by Prof. Jik Chin at the University of Toronto. Prof. Chin's research group is interested in the rational design of stereoselective and catalytic reactions using computational and experimental methods. His group was the first to develop a facile L to D conversion of unprotected amino acids using the alanine racemase chiral analogue (ARCA) and was the first to develop a general and modular synthesis of chiral, vicinal diamines from a single mother diamine by the diaza-Cope rearrangement.


Jik Chin, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
University of Toronto

Rick R. Fu, MSc

University of Toronto

Dong-Nam Lee, PhD

University of Toronto